About the Artist

Ya’akov Boussidan was born in Port Said, Egypt, a melting-pot of cultures and languages. When he was ten, he immigrated with his parents to Israel and was educated in Youth Aliyah, an immigrant youth framework, at Kibbutz Givat-Chayim. After 40 years dividing his life and creative work between London and Israel, artist Ya’akov Boussidan returned to Israel in 2011 to establish his studio in Tsur Hadassah, a village near Jerusalem. 

Among Ya’akov’s recent installations overseas, is the monumental work “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” commissioned by the Ahavath Torah Synagogue in Englewood, New Jersey in 2011 (13'1/2"x29'75''). In Israel, he was commissioned to create a sculpture for a public thoroughfare in Tsur Hadassah in 2013 named "My Dove in the Cleft of the Rock" (6'x6'). 

Ya’akov Boussidan is also the winner of the Israel Museum Jesselson Prize and "Jerusalem – Names in Praise" was launched at a special event at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem in 2006 and at the British Parliament in London in 2007. 

Boussidan's award-winning work has been acquired by The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. 

During the course of his artistic career, Ya’akov has also dedicated considerable energies to guiding and encouraging promising artists. Ya’akov’s rich experience as an educator, his artistic engagement with the community and the pastoral environment of the Judean hills are the inspiration for his decision to establish the Tsor School of the Arts on the grounds of his studio and gallery in Tsur Haddasah.

"... Boussidan devotes special attention to the Hebrew letter, which forms an organic part of his work. His original work is always executed with perfection; careful attention is given to every element including the quality of paper and printing.” 

- Jurors of the Jesselson Award for Judaica, The Israel Museum

"… Boussidan knows well the world of aesthetics and magic …“ 

Yigal Zalmona, Chief Curator at-Large, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

"...These works emanate an intense poetic aura that is enhanced by the masterful use of colours emitting a mysterious life..." 

Arturo Schwarz, Art Historian, from Ya’akov Boussidan: Modernity of the Classic, 2011